Michael Teys

Michael is a strata researcher, consultant, author and training presenter. Michael works with City Futures Research Centre UNSW. He writes and lectures for Deakin University's Strata Concepts. He is the editor in chief of the www.thestrata.com Michael practised as a strata lawyer for 33 years and has owned and operated strata management businesses across Australia.

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Michael Teys
About Michael

Michael undertakes both academic and private sector research assignments. He is a member of the City Futures Research Centre team at UNSW where he has an Australian Research Council grant to study the impact of mixed-use stratum developments on urban renewal. For corporate clients he is researching combustible cladding, building defects and strata finance.

In his book, ‘Growing Up – how strata title bodies might learn to behave’ (Major Street Press, 2015) Michael argues that for better strata living outcomes the strata sector should look more to cultural changes from within than demanding more and increasingly complex law reform. He says laws don’t change attitudes. Attitudes only change when strata leaders adopt modern community expectations and standards demanded of government, corporates and the not for profit sectors.


  • Growing Up- How Strata Title Bodies Might Learn to Behave (Major Street Press, 2015)


  • Exploring due diligence and gatekeeping behaviour in the strata environment (completed with publication forthcoming)
  • The Evolution of The Anticommons: are stratum titles the end of the line for collective sales? (current MPhil thesis UNSW due for completion February 2023)

University publications

  • Strata Concepts: Building Defect Rectification Toolkit Victoria (Deakin University, 2019)
  • Strata Concepts: Building Defect Rectification Toolkit New South Wales (Deakin University, 2019)
  • The Property Investor Complete (Study guide for Property Investing FIN567 Charles Sturt University) 2006
  • Manage Conflict and disputes (Study guide for POD426A Certificate 1V Property, Real Estate TAFE Queensland Gold Coast) 2006

University conference papers

  • Examining gatekeeping activities in the strata environment (Presented at the International Research Forum on Multi-Owned Property, Melbourne, 13-14 February 2020).
  • Building Defect Pathways (Presented for Deakin University Strata Concepts, Sydney, 13 November 2019 and Melbourne, 21 October 2019).
  • Strata Schemes and Discrimination (Paper presented with Dr. Cathy Sherry at Griffith University Strata and Community Title Conference, Gold Coast, 2015)

Strata Management Training Courses for leading Australian strata management companies (2010 to date)

  • Essential strata management (7 weekly parts)
  • Effective governance for executive bodies of strata committees (12 parts) Safety, security health and environment laws (8 parts)
  • Solving Neighborhood problems (11 parts) Building defect litigation (17 parts) Compliance for strata managers (6 parts)
  • Books and records for strata managers (6 parts)
  • Owners corporation finances (5 parts)
  • Effective meetings for strata managers (7 parts) Maintaining common property for strata managers (6 parts) Risk management for strata managers (12 parts)

Strata Committee Guides (2010 to date)

  • Approving transfers to management rights Constructively resolving conflict in strata communities Effectively managing your owners corporation Getting the best from your resident manager
  • Holding a successful AGM for your owners corporation
  • Maintenance of common property and avoiding serious liability risks Effective communication within strata communities
  • Work health and safety toolkit for owners corporations


  • Property Investing Matters, My Property TV, strata expert regular panelist 2017 to present
  • Your Money, Your Call, Sky New Business Channel – strata expert and back up host, 2008 – 2017
  • Property Success with Margaret Lomas, Sky New Business Channel – weekly property law commentator 2011 – 2017

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