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The six most important reforms to NSW strata law that you won’t find in the Daily Telegraph

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All the fourth estate has been talking about is dogs, smoking, and redevelopment; but I think they’ve missed the point. I’ve identified six reforms that are much more likely to…

It’s the little things that will bring big buildings down for the better

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While standing before a group of strata owners last night discussing a very big and important redevelopment I was reminded of a lesson I learned when I was a young…

Strict rules on capital works plans could sink strata schemes and inspectors

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Sinking fund forecasts have been something of a joke to date. It’s something you’ve had to have, and you’re required to think about them when setting levies but there’s been…

Strata managers’ lives are on the line as NSW law reform approaches

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This is my fourth preparation for major strata law change; one in Queensland, one in Victoria, the most recent in the ACT and in 22 days, Australia’s largest strata market,…

Strata Law

Strata law is a fascinating discipline involving quite unique property law concepts that intersect with people learning how to live in different forms of housing as society changes. While having its roots in property law, practicing strata law touches on a great many legal disciplines including dispute resolution, discrimination and other human rights issues, administrative law, contract law, and equity.

You can read more about my background as a strata lawyer and current work here.


My Book

The cover of Growing Up by Michael Teys

“This is a book that the ever-expanding strata community in Australia desperately needs. By 2030, the New South Wales government estimates that half of the state will either live or work in a strata scheme and other states are not far behind. That is an awful lot of people who will be potentially miserable if we do not learn to live in and manage strata schemes in better ways. Growing Up provides a blue print for better strata living that is both practical and wise”

Assoc. Prof. Cathy Sherry, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales

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My Startups and Downs

As a business person I love nothing more than a startup. I loved startups even before Zuckerberg and co. made the ma thing. Since starting out on my own at 27 I’ve created nine businesses from scratch; including four law firms, two property funds management companies, two strata management companies, and one retirement village management company.

There have been lessons from all of these ventures but none more than the two I’ve had that have gone into liquidation, Teys Property Funds Ltd in 2010 and Teys Lawyers Pty Ltd in 2013.

Those that invested and worked with me in these ventures sadly lost money and, as a result, I have been disqualified for being a company director. These unfortunate events have been humbling, and I have learned much from them about my strengths and weaknesses.

My future is dedicated to using my strata insights and communication skills to improve the quality of life of people living in high density property.

Ocean Swimming

I’m currently writing a memoir about my ocean swimming experiences of the last five years. Writing is not unlike a marathon swim itself. It takes plenty of planning, preparation and consistent effort to get it done. I want to use the book to continue my fundraising for Lifeline.

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