The cover of Growing Up by Michael Teys

"This is a clear and concise account of the good, the bad and the ugly of strata property ownership. "

− Margaret Lomas - Founder of Destiny

"Michael Teys' Growing Up is brilliant. It provides a blue print for better strata living that is both practical and wise."

− Dr Cathy Sherry - Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales

"It is an essential tool for our age, as we increasingly embrace vertical living in strata units, and a great guide for Owners Corporations and good developers, as well."

− Peter Kijurina - Managing Director, Health Properties Project Marketing

"Growing Up is a thought-provoking and entertaining book."

− Lesley Williams - Director of Major Street Publishing

""Growing Up is a compulsory read for anyone involved in strata; developers, strata managing agents and owners alike.""

− Melanie Rozema - Strata Manager
Ownership of strata property brings with it certain obligations and responsibilities unique to this form of housing. Not least is the requirement to be part of an owners corporation (known also as a body corporate), a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers from within the strata community concerned. These volunteers and those who work with them, and how they can better manage strata, are the focus of Growing Up.
With strata titled property being the fastest-growing in New South Wales, those in the business of property should also be paying close attention to strata management practice. Finance and major developments will be riding on the skills and ethics of owners and managers alike.

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