The six most important reforms to NSW strata law that you won’t find in the Daily Telegraph

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All the fourth estate has been talking about is dogs, smoking, and redevelopment; but I think they’ve missed the point. I’ve identified six reforms that are much more likely to impact strata owners, committees and managers.

The three reforms that will be the most challenging for strata professionals will be:

  1. The right of owners to sue for failures to attend to repairs and maintenance,
  2. Allegations by troublemakers that committees have not exercised due care and diligence,
  3. And a surprise sleeper – that by-laws must be registered within six months – this has caught out many in other states.

And the three reforms that will do the most good are:

  1. Repair and maintenance damages for affected owners – the threat of this will stop committees procrastinating and will save grief for owners and strata managers alike,
  2. Telephone meeting participation – if offered by strata managers, this will bring more engagement and improve quality of life for managers who will have to attend less meetings at night,
  3. And the ability to delegate owners’ repairs to a committee – as long as this is done properly and not by email.

As for the other 90 or so reforms, they’ll initially be irritating, then they will become the norm. Ultimately they won’t change anything; people will continue to have disputes and muddle through as best they can, and buildings will still leak and crack.

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