Children no longer – new by-law provisions will let us all grow up


Sometimes in law reform it’s the smallest of changes that have the biggest impact. That might be the case with the new model by-laws for residential schemes. They provide some very good new rules to live by and owners corporations could do worse than adopt them in their entirety.

In keeping with the new law that by-laws must not be harsh, unconscionable or oppressive the Government’s new model, compared with previous versions, shows signs of moving towards reasonableness, which we might not be accustomed to in the nanny state that is New South Wales.

For example, under the new model by-laws children are allowed to play on common property without supervision except where it may be dangerous. Previously children were out of luck unless there was an adult was around. That might have been fine for three-year-olds but many a 12-year-old thinks they are beyond supervision in the backyard and most reasonable parents would agree.

This small change brings strata back to society’s norms where responsible people know what’s safe and what’s not, and as children enter their early teens they are free to roam further from their nest as a normal part of learning and developing independence. Bravo regulators.

The new model by-laws can be found here, and you can read my summary of the new by-law provisions here.

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