The fate of your strata scheme could be decided with emojis

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New forms of communication interest me. Oxford Dictionaries named  its 2015 word of the year. Really.

Embracing this new form of communication I have devised a method of voting in strata title owners corporations by emoji which, incidentally, is permissible under Regs 14 and 15 of the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 [NSW]. It addresses every common response to meeting motions; except for the one you give in response to the strata manager asking for a higher fee as it’s not suitable for younger readers.




Need more details

I can’t afford the levy

Not this bloke again

Pet approved

Pet denied

Say what?

Dear God please let this meeting end

In all seriousness, the ability to vote in new ways could be a boon for owners, but with laws so broad they allow emoji votes, we have to ask where this puts underpaid strata managers and legal professionals coming to grips with new legislation. As anyone who’s tried organising a meeting knows, you won’t get everyone to agree on a venue; let alone whether or not to do it online, whether tenants can participate or the content of the explanatory notes that will now accompany motions.

Compared to that farce, emoji voting seems pretty logical.

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