Why we will need to manage tenants carefully

The time for complaining about the new laws is over and the time for implementation is upon us. So let me resist the temptation to slam the new laws about tenant participation, other than to say they will offend tenants and create more work for owners and managers for little or no return.

It would be a shame if these laws, that allow tenants to have a representative and then exclude them from just about every decision that matters, were to sour relations between tenants and owners. Informed and engaged tenants are important for good strata management.

When it comes to safety, animals, parking, and noise you want to know as much about tenants as you can, including their names and the property manager.

The new tenant laws will discourage owners and managers from recording these details. The need to hold expensive meetings will not be triggered if less than 50% of lots are let and tenancy notices are not recorded with the strata manager.

Bad laws encourage bad practice and we will have to work hard to rise above this when it comes to dealings with tenants.

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