Was you father authoritarian? – It might be the reason you’re not ready for the new Act


I’m a procrastinator. I’m such a procrastinator I read articles about procrastination rather than doing things. My to do list might not be as short as I’d like but at least I’ve learnt about my condition.

One fifth of all adults and one half of all student are procrastinators (Rozental, 2014). I’m surprised the figure’s that low for adults and not higher for students.

My favourite theory about procrastination is the link between women procrastinators and their authoritarian fathers that valued obedience and weren’t particularly warm (Timothy Pyshl PhD).

Whatever the cause of procrastination, as I have moved about the offices of strata managers in the last two weeks discussing new laws that begin 30 November 2016, I’ve seen a fair bit of it in relation to the New Act.

Procrastinators are experts at finding reasons to justify inactivity. There are a few discernible themes floating around the strata industry at present.

Some managers are saying it’s not certain when the Act will begin. I get the cynicism, given the delays, but make no mistake – 30 November 2016 is kick off.

Some are saying that industry bodies will have their back. I don’t think that’s right, nor is it the role of industry bodies to spoon feed you on your internal business practices and systems.

Some managers are saying it’s too early to get ready because the regulations aren’t finalised. It would be good if they were finalised but the drafts have long been published and there’s plenty to do that’s not dependent on this fine detail.

There are, by my calculations, 43 new forms and precedents strata managers will need to do their job in three and a half months.

My suggestion is this – break it down and take baby steps, but take them soon.

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