Bill shock still Keeping electric cars out of strata


In my book Growing Up: How Strata Title Bodies Might Learn to Behave one of the issues I look at is sustainability in strata. More often than not you’ll find that no matter how good an owner’s intentions are, it will always come down to the money.

As you see more Teslas and hybrid cars around the cities you’d be right to wonder ‘where are they going to charge that thing?’ While it’s early days yet I hear more and more about arguments in strata over whether people should be allowed to charge their cars using common electricity, and if so, how to charge them for it.

The first go that electric drivers had was estimating their usage and offering to reimburse their owners corporations. Nice in theory but it got complicated as soon as anyone else wanted to tap into common electricity.

It’s now possible to monitor a car-space AND automatically pay back the owners corporation. It saves the arguments over bills, but it’ll still going to come down to the electric car owner paying for the installation and getting the necessary by-laws written up.

With talk that we could be seeing driverless cars in North America in the next 20 years, what’s the next step for parking and power? I’m not sure but I can tell you it won’t be found in strata legislation, which is always lagging behind reality.

It’s all a good reminder that innovation isn’t going to come from stalled strata legislation, but from owners learning how to behave in strata.

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