Bronny’s out, are strata managers next?


Strata management is perhaps the most thankless task I have ever performed. As a general rule, do your job well and indifference is the best you can expect. Put a foot wrong and you will be roundly castigated as a useless but necessary evil. It’s a rare day indeed when you awake to an email congratulating you on a job well done at last nights meeting that dragged on interminably.

It is then with some mirth I note the proposed new strata laws of NSW strike at the very heart of corruption in this industry by banning the insidious practice of strata managers requesting or accepting a gift for performing their duties. Most in this industry struggle to get a CPI rise on their annual fee let alone a bottle of Grange on the side.

To add insult to injury the proposed law links us directly to that least respected of modern callings, politics. The ‘gifts’ we will be banned from requesting or accepting are those defined in the Election Funding, Expenditure & Disclosures Act 1981.

This reform is not about banning undisclosed commissions for insurance and other financial services, that have quite properly been dealt with elsewhere. This is directed fairly and squarely at the bottles of grog, the boxes of chocolates and the tickets to the footy. What nonsense.

I’ve got to fly now, the Chairman’s outside in a helicopter to take me to a ‘meeting’ near Geelong.

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