Jimmy put out his bat and told the body corporate what he really thought

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In paying tribute to Phil Hughes in the way so many have by putting out his bat, my friend Jimmy also made a powerful statement of Facebook about living in apartments; ‘Waiting for the body corporate to say something about leaving my gear in the hallway. F@#k them!’

I know nothing about the building in which Jimmy lives but his derisive comment goes to the heart of the way some bodies corporate take matters too seriously and interfere unnecessarily in people’s lives.

When enforcing a by law about no pets, is it really necessary to insist on getting rid of the goldfish?

When considering the application for a seamless glass enclosure of a balcony, is it really necessary to insist on framed glass because seamless glass wasn’t available when other enclosures were made?

When a young family live on the third floor of a three-story walk-up, does it really matter if they sometimes leave their pram in the foyer?

Accidents like the one that took Phil Hughes’ life far too early affect people in the wider community in many different ways. Maybe those of us engaged in bodies corporate might reflect on the tenuous grip we all have on life and worry less about the things that really don’t matter.

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