In strata warfare – time wounds all heals absent the white knight’s good retreat

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white Knige

My battle scarred and somewhat cynical strata management mentor taught me that in strata warfare; ‘time wounds all heals’. We were practicing in Queensland in the late 80’s where disputes between bodies corporate and their onsite manager raged. In a different time and place, the adage holds true.

When strata tribes go to war and decision making becomes deadlocked or non existent, the authorities will, albeit reluctantly, appoint an independent administrator to run the show while tensions settle and wounds heal. It’s not unlike the state government sacking an unruly local council and installing a firm but fair executive with all the powers of the previously elected.

At first the warring parties within a strata community may be relieved matters have been taken out of their hands. During the administrator’s reign they might even become relaxed and comfortable with the new arrangement; the bins are being emptied, the pools no longer green and the lawns have been cut. But as night follows day, the term of the appointment will end because the strata ruling class won’t have community groups abrogating their right to self-determination. It’s when the benevolent dictatorship ends that old wounds tear apart.

Compulsory appointments seldom contemplate their own end and how power reverts to the people. When the clock strikes midnight on the term of the appointment, there’s no new team, no one mandated to call and chair a meeting, and no one authorised to take over the bank account and pay the bills.

Continuing the warfare analogy, when the white knight takes away sovereign rule and no plan exists for an orderly transition to democracy, all hell is likely to break out and despite good work in the interim, we’re back where we began.

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