Why I should never, ever be on a committee

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I’ve never been good at being on committees. I’m impatient, intolerant and insensitive, or so a large number of former colleagues will tell you if you care to ask around. In my middle years I have come to think the masses right, at least when it comes to business. As a result I now confine myself to managing and consulting to committees rather than being on them. It’s working better for everyone.

Fortunately most people are not like me. They can participate in a debate, express their point of view; occasionally winning a point and just as often losing one, but they don’t take it to heart – they just move on. Our communities need these people, particularly our strata communities where decisions are made by others about what and how we use that most intimate of space, our homes. It’s a tricky business telling people how they should live and it takes a special talent to do it well.

In a study being done by one of our few but talented strata academics, I was recently asked about governance in strata and how particular governance issues might affect strata property and strata owners. It’s an important piece of work and I thought long and hard about my answers.

Asked if I thought there were any potential outcomes that the study questionnaire had missed, I said the study should look at strata decision-making in terms of its impact on the satisfaction levels and fulfillment of volunteer members. I think the lack of good and talented people willing to serve on an owners corporation is the biggest threat to the whole strata system becoming unworkable. If government wants owners to be self-determinant, then owners corporations and their managers, need to start thinking about ways to make the experience both pleasant and productive for it’s seldom either at the moment.

Anyway, the second questionnaire’s been issued and the (expletives deleted) academics (expletive deleted) haven’t listened to me – I won’t be telling them again, and that’s why it’s best I don’t sit on committees.

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