The Truth About Red Minute Books

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If there is a symbol of the past for strata management in Australia it must surely be the ubiquitous Collins Minute Book, red and feint lined if you please.

Since the beginning of professional strata management services in the early 1980’s, strata managers have dutifully written their minutes and when confirmed correct, have taken to cutting the paper down to a fraction less than A4 and sticking them in the minute book one page at a time with glue. Tradition dictates that the glue covers all the back of the page and not just be dabbed on the corners.

Dare to ask why managers engage in this arts and crafts ritual and you will be met with a surprised look and some imaginative answers. Some will tell you it’s the law. Rest assured there is no law that requires strata managers to cut and paste (literally) and stick minutes in a book coloured red or otherwise. Others will say it stops those nasty strata inspectors, prone to theft and vandalism as they are, from stealing the minutes rather than paying for the copies. Those in the know will say its because you buy the minute books from Office Works for $10 and sell them to owners corporations for $55.

The truth is that it’s done this way because it’s always been done this way and that perhaps is the worst reason of all.

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