Nanny may have just made it all to hard for the coalitions of the willing?

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The legislative year has ended and #strata law reform in NSW has all the momentum of the republican movement.

Lots of media releases, position papers and expensive consulting reports about making New South Wales number one again may have alarmed and excited us in equal measure but the statute books are stagnant. Strata management laws remain as misunderstood and frustratingly complicated as they have ever been.

In my new venture as a strata manager, I recently won the rights to manage a company title block. In these properties strata laws don’t apply. The company owns the building and the shareholders have the right to occupy their unit. Banks hate them but in reality, the occupation rights of the shareholder are little different to strata – you own air space not bricks and mortar.

Shareholders of company title blocks manage their affairs under the Corporations Act where Nanny has been less intrusive. In corporate land shareholders elect the directors but that’s where their powers end – the directors run the show and do so with relative freedom from statutory regulations about how they should make their decisions. It’s delightfully simple.

Now people are people, and buildings are buildings. Children, animals, leaks and parking will always challenge communities but as volunteerism is dying, perhaps because the Nanny state has just made it all too hard, maybe it’s time we let our elected committees, the coalitions of the willing if you will, have the powers they need to get on with the job.

Common sense law reform in 2015? As likely as Palmer becoming Prime Minister?

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