Spend When You Must Where Safety Is Concerned

Responsible and well-managed owners corporations will outsource the detection of unsafe circumstances to a consultant visiting annually. This will go a long way to discharging the obligation on the owners corporation to keep the common property safe for workers, including contractors working upon the common property. To merely get a report is of no benefit if its recommendations are not acted upon. This will force the repair and maintenance agenda for the owners corporation and is a good way for committee members to force owners to spend money – if greed in the form of preserving property prices is not enough to force spending on safety essentials, then that other motivator of spending habits – fear – might do the trick. Owners should fear fines and even imprisonment for ignoring laws that apply to strata communities. We see them regularly in the corporate world. We are starting to see them imposed in the not for profit sector and it will surely and shortly come to pass that they will be imposed in the strata world.

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