Cleanliness; Safety’s Kid Sister

Cleanliness, that thing next only to godliness – our grandparents would have us believe, is now linked – our lawyers would have us believe – more closely to safety. A greasy slippery step or spill on the car park floor is as unsightly as it is unsafe and a concern for our owners corporation in a litigious world. Slips and trips are the most common form of legal action against owners corporations and the regime in place for keeping common property clean is important.

A building manager, if there is one, will take front line responsibility for supervising cleaning work but if there is no building manager, then the responsibility will fall to the owners or in the case of investment properties, rental property mangers because they are the only others onsite. Very rarely are strata managers paid to do site inspections – there’s is a more sedentary job performed from their office, not the building.

Of course in the slip and trip courts, all players win a prize so no matter how vigilant the owners are, accidents will happen and public liability insurance is a must.

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