The Changing Face of Strata Living

Amendments to strata title laws over the years have made it possible to accommodate a mix of uses in the one structure.

For example, an underground car park may be strata titled with the car parks owned separately and including a commercial car park operation whilst a three level club sits on top sandwiched by the car park below and residential tower above, itself strata titled. In this way the owners of different types of property some strata titled and perhaps some parts of the property that is not, can be segregated into different owners corporations and share the costs of their particular type of property without burdening others within the same structure with these costs. Each of the owners corporations or separate owners within these complex developments then share some basic overriding costs such as the insurance of the whole of the structure.

Laws that make this type of development possible have contributed significantly to the regeneration of our underutilised inner city precincts and commercially abandoned wharves. It is not uncommon now to see these converted into thriving café and retail sectors with hotels and boutique offices commercially underpinned by the residential community within.

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