And Round 1 Goes to the Strata Manager

By November 1, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

Strata mangers have a unique ability to engage themselves in fights or causes they are not paid to take up.

What’s more bizarre is that they usually don’t charge additional fees when they do fall into the role of protector or advocate. All buildings have defects and all owners at some point come to hate their developer whom they feel should maintain the building in a fine state for at least 20 years after they settle. Strata managing agents commonly take up this cause, lest they be labelled as soft on developers out of some conflict of interest. Strata managers get new business from developers in return for free consulting work on their proposed development. If this type of work, additional / out of scope is routinely being done, should there be a new name for strata mangers and a new level of remuneration and responsibility to go with it?

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