Flogging Developers

In both form and substance, developer’s contracts for the sale of apartments in developments large and small are woeful documents fit only for compulsory reading by the local insomniacs association.

They are thoughtlessly put together comprising usually single sided copies so as to double their possible size and look daunting from the outset. They are often copied poorly so documents are askew with parts cut out and others in part deleted. Rarely are they indexed or divided clearly for the benefit of the reader and hardly ever are they sorted logically with an overview of how the bits fit together to tell the story of this development and how it will be run long after the developer’s special purpose company is wound up not having paid its taxes. If a promoter of a company or a property syndicate put such a document to the market, a small battalion of corporate regulators would descend from choppers to have the culprit arrested and held without trial.

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