Of Working Bees and Drones

By September 19, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

When you live in a strata community some time sooner or later, someone will suggest a working bee. This is a terrific way to ruin both a garden and a community.

Those attracted to a gardening bee will be terrorists who like using sharp objects to prune plants within an inch of their lives and will have no regard to the time of year for these near executions. In the blazing summer sun the attacks will take place.

Those who organise the event will be bitterly disappointed that the turnout is so poor. This will make them angry and in an episode of negative thinking so often the habit of leaders, they will interpret this as a lack of community sprit and pride and wish a pox on the houses of the non-participants. The more likely scenario is that the non-attendees don’t care for gardening and would rather pay for the service to be done by professionals but think if others get joy from the exercise, then each to their own. Bad-will has been generated from good intentions.

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