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The Owners Corporation a Political Creature Like it or Not

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Like all representative bodies, owners corporations are political. Apart from the curious new owner, they attract a narrow class, the dominant and the servants. The dominant seek personal fulfilment through leadership and power of any group they come across.

They are born leaders and play second fiddle badly. The others, the servants, are those that seek more humbly to serve their community by gainfully using their skills for the common good. They like to follow and they do this well. The dominant and the servant are symbiotic. Each needs the other and they are both necessary – just very different.

Controlling Predictable Catastrophes

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The upside of age is experience, after a while you just know what is likely to go wrong. The wise will build on this experience by taking whatever steps are open to them to control events so mistakes don’t happen.

Pre determining a meeting date goes a long way to avoiding the problem of not having sufficient notice to hold a meeting in accordance with strata law. There will be those that will say – ‘How do I know now if that date will suit’, and ‘What if we need to move it for some reason’. These are all possibilities, but they are just that, possibilities. What is certain, is that in twelve months, give or take a few weeks, you have to have another meeting. What we also know from hard experience is that there is a lot to the preparation for these meetings and deadlines can be missed, so set the meeting date and be done. If for some unforseen reason, it has to be moved, that decision can be made at the time with all the necessary care to make sure the meeting goes ahead with the formalities attended to as planned. The compliance message is this, control what you can to leave time and energy enough to deal with what you can’t.

www yourstrata com

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Imagine a simple home page with a picture of your building (before the cracks and leeching stains appeared) and a welcome note from the chair of your committee. A few tabs could then direct further enquiry.

Tabs for By-laws, Minutes, Approvals, Finances and Reports should do it. Imagine what you could learn about your strata with this information at your fingertips, when you had the time and inclination to go digging.

Commitment really truly

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The very word, “commitment” is a signal in these times of political, corporate and management spin, that what is about to follow is lip service. Petroleum companies are committed to the environment; fast food companies are committed to child heath and banks are committed to customer service. Effective compliance requires more than lip service.

It requires action, the products of which are tangible, visible and accessible. A motion at a committee meeting affirming the commitment of the committee to compliance, apart from being cute alliteration, is useless without debate about what the committees commitment to compliance means supported by resolutions to make the commitment evident, for example by having a compliance policy written for publication to owners, and statements from the top that bear witness to the policy and its implementation.

Commitment is not fleeting.

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