Your Strata Community and Fitness Goals

If one has a commitment to getting fit, then one will usually have a goal or objective – ‘I will run a marathon (one must be middled aged)’, and a strategy – ‘I will run as far as I can each morning, until I vomit’. Goals and strategy turn commitment to principles into action- even when the commitment is daft.

The important thing about setting goals, as any weight watcher will tell you, is that they must be achievable, albeit with some effort, or they become demoralising and the program is quickly abandoned. In setting realistic achievable goals for a strata community, we do well to remember the strata condition; members are unpaid, meetings are sporadic, the strengths and weakness of the members are not known to each other, the rewards are few and the role and responsibilities of the group are not well understood.

In weight-watching terms, this body is not in good shape and the program should begin with baby steps. If the common property has been neglected for a while, a goal to commission a report on safety risks and implementing very urgent recommendations at first will be better than the more zealous, but likely to fail goal of commissioning the report and doing whatever it takes to make it right.

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