More on Focus in Strata

A focus, in the context of an organisation like an owners corporation, might be described as a single unifying purpose. It is the very point to our being. The point to being a lawyer is to be an advocate of those seeking justice.

The point to being a teacher is to help people learn and become the best they can be. The point to being a builder … you get the point.

The point to being an owners corporation is to look after common property. That’s it, no more, no less. An owners corporation exists as a creature of legislation about strata titled property, wherever it is, whatever it is called, to look after common property; the hallways, the exterior skin, the driveways and gardens, the foyer and the surrounds and facilities. Reduced to its simplest form, as all things should be, this thing we find ourselves involved in need not be so strange and mysterious at all.

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