The New Fourth Tier of Government

These bodies, known variously throughout Australia as owners corporations, bodies corporate, strata companies and the like, are the new fourth tier of government.

The Feds will determine housing policy and funding, the states will determine where and what we build, the local authorities will determine how we build but it is the owners corporation that determines when we use the pool and how much we pay to keep it clean. And we care more about this than anything else. So we seek it out, this thing called the owners corporation.

New owners are to an owners corporation as new parents are to a school’s parents and friends association – very often it is only the new that are there. That is, other than the compulsive volunteer. The compulsive volunteers are the ones who can’t say ‘no’. The ones who think ‘if I don’t do it, then who will?’ and they are generally right. So the new, who know nothing old and the old, who know nothing new, form the group that governs how the owners will share the rights and responsibilities of the common property………..

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