Narrow Your Focus and Know Your Turf

With an agreed focus on common property a group newly elected to administer it should start with a simple discussion about what is and what’s not common property. This helps your focus.

What’s common property? Answer: common property is everything on the strata plan that is not a lot. What’s a strata plan? Answer: it’s the document registered with the titles office that defines what you own yourself and what you share with the fellow members of your owners corporation. What’s a lot? Answer: that which is shown as such in words and by drawings on the strata plan. Thick solid lines mark the boundaries.

A new committee should each have a copy of the strata plan and spend 10 minutes looking at what they are elected to run. Does the Premier of New South Wales care what’s in Queensland and vice versa? No. They might care about the boundaries so they pay only for the services to the border town they have to but that’s the extent. So learn the boundaries and stay out of other people’s turf. As the owners organisation, you are only concerned with common property. What happens in a lot is only relevant if it affects use and enjoyment of common property.

This simple technique alone will save an owners corporation a world of pain and distraction of precious little volunteer hours.

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