Community Gardens are Great Works in Progress

There is a lot to be said for the resurgence of the community garden.

As the peas sprout and the lettuces grow, there is something in your plan to look at and talk about where once there was grass that was never watched. The elderly or the shy might emerge from their units and talk to the growers much as people feel able to do so to a complete stranger fishing on a jetty. Someone unable to bend and weed might bake a cake or make a thermos of tea for the Saturday afternoon workers.

People who once struggled to make eye contact in the common stairwell are now talking and doing things for each other. The seasonal crop is grown and now what to do – a shared picnic meal on the common lawn to which all residents are invited by a note slipped under the door is the suggestion. Some attend, some don’t, but all have been asked so everyone wins. With the surplus produce divided at the picnic’s end, talk starts of the next season’s planting and on it goes.

The vegetable patch is a metaphor for the community that has grown…..

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