Them and Us in Strata Land

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Different languages and different dialects define ‘them and us’. How many civilisations have not advanced as they should because of ‘them and us’ thinking? That can’t be right because it is their idea?

This might explain why the majority of our eight strata jurisdictions in Australia have not picked up the Queensland concept of a small schemes module for a more relaxed and informal set of laws about the management of very small blocks of up to six apartments. It might explain why we have not seen a copying of the relaxed but extremely practical and pragmatic laws of Victoria about empowering committees to get on with business rather than having them hamstrung by the apathetic masses. These are the owners who chose not to become involved but then get the right to make important decisions and invariably make them based on price when so many other factors will be as relevant. ‘Them and us’ thinking is for the unenlightened and legislation should not be its medium.

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