Learn to Be Focused

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The collective responsibility of a strata community under our current system of self-determination can only be discharged by the actions of individual owners.

Each owner therefore has at least a moral obligation to do his or her bit. Participation in the affairs of strata management however, is at all time low. Perhaps this reflects our society generally but it probably has more to do with the dysfunctional rabble that is typically an owners corporation. Leaders and managers of our strata communities must find new ways of guiding committees to focus on the things that matter and avoid being distracted by irrelevant and out of scope issues. The things that matter include more than finances about which strata communities obsess to the detriment of other aspects of a balanced community organisation. A focus on client service, internal processes and learning and innovation within the group is required. In this way committee work will become more palatable, if not enjoyable and encourage more good people to make a contribution to the management of their immediate urban environment.

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