A Word on Unit Entitlements

By February 18, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

Great philosophical debates take place between development consultants about how entitlements should be set. The socialists will say we are all created equal and each apartment should have one entitlement so the common expenses are shared equally.

The democrats will say we are all created equally but some more than others, so the rich should pay more than the poor and they should be determined on the initial asking price for the various apartments. The greens will argue for a determination based on size reflecting the carbon footprint of the apartment and the dictator, the nasty developer we all despise will say, I don’t give a toss how you split the bills but the penthouse I am keeping will pay the least.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question although most agree that the balance lies somewhere between the socialists and the democrats and never with the greens or the dictator. Expenses should be determined equally, much in the same way as polite people split a bill at the end of a communal meal at a restaurant. Divide the bill by the number of people at the table and avoid that horrid and embarrassing exercise of determining who had what to eat or drink. It doesn’t matter that your apartment is on the second floor and uses less energy to get to your floor than to the penthouses at the top – for those that care about such trivialities; two pieces of advice: firstly lifts use more power stopping and starting than travelling small distances up and down a lift well. Secondly, you should probably live on a farm.

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