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On Reform of Laws Delegating Power to Owners Not Committees

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Owners corporations are the inverse of corporations and other community based associations that provide all power to the elected representatives to go about the short and long-term business of the group reserving only to the shareholders or constituent members the ultimate power to remove those they have elected.

This is the natural order of the corporate body world but it does not apply to strata communities.

We have created strata communities with a simplistic vision for their harmonious self determination with the aid perhaps of some managing agents to attend to the paperwork and we have, quite rightly, failed to shield these bodies from the complex array of laws and standards which apply to all having a separate legal character and accountability. Laws about health and safety, discrimination, tax, privacy, noise, pollution and countless other topics at both state and federal level apply to owners corporations in a way perhaps more extensive than they apply even to the remainder of the not for profit sector. If the volunteer is ill equipped to respond, and indeed regardless, if the volunteer is a dying breed, then we might need to turn our approach to strata management on its head and give the power to the elected few rather than the apathetic masses.

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