Communicating Your Focus Effectively

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A focus, if it’s to be effective, must be simple and therefore memorable. Politicians have mastered this art. They have learned that to win an election the point has to be made simply and often. Whitlam pioneered this in Australia with the 1972 election slogan – ‘ It’s Time’. The message was simple, memorable, repeated often and was effective. Obama did it so well in the United States with – ‘ Hope We Can Believe In’.

An owners corporation may get its point across by screaming – ‘ LOOKING AFTER OUR COMMON PROPERTY’. It’s not as glamorous as changing the world but it is the simple point of the group and the point should be well made to its constituents. Buttons for committee members adorned with the words ‘Looking After Our Common Property’ may be over the top, but a simple flyer with this as the heading, slipped under the door or enclosed with every levy notice – being the only thing owners do in fact read, would be effective and might help explain what the committee does and how it is for the common good.

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