Getting What You Pay For In Your Community

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Getting What You Pay For
Owners corporations are notoriously tight. For some inexplicable reason, levies must not go up each year despite everything else on the planet doing so. Therefore faced with the cost of embracing compliance, even a scaled down version tailor made for a body with limited powers and functionality, the owners will vote to go without.

This presents difficulties for those who serve on, and work for these groups. New laws and standards are piling up; the civilised world is moving forward, as the cliché goes, yet strata-land is the last bastion of the great Australian ‘She’ll be right’ mentality.

Eventually, self-interest will correct this problem but it will take a calamity before this will happen. Like a moribund government refusing to fix a dangerous intersection, action will only follow a fatality or two. It will be in the area of health and safety that the chickens will come home to roost for those in strata. A worker will be killed in a building with no health and safety compliance and the volunteer committee will be prosecuted and fined. The small print of the directors and officers insurance policies, that all who serve on a strata committee are told protects them, does no such thing. Fines and gross negligence are excluded. Worried? Then spend a little money on advice to back up your commitment to compliance – it will be your friend, not your enemy when things go wrong.

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