By Laws for Peace and Good Behaviour

Nowhere do we see more extreme cases of attempts to dictate rather than engender responsibility than in the by-laws of owners corporations.

These are almost always written by first year law graduates eager to outdo their contemporaries and impress their supervising partners by thinking of more bizarre acts that might take place in a building than any that have gone before them. The siblings of these young lawyers are the same ones that write the copy for the ‘Thou Shalt Not’ signs referenced earlier.

Proscriptive rules about how to live including what to keep or not keep in your apartment, how to wrap your rubbish and what precautions should be taken to preclude others observing your unnatural sexual acts, as if observing natural acts is acceptable, do not create responsible behaviour. What they do create are boring, negative and ineffective pieces of communication that only become weapons in the war on community relations fought by the unenlightened in our strata communities. With by-laws, as we will come to learn, less is always more.

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