On Being Careful What We Wish For

Why do our lawmakers on the one hand stipulate for self-governance of our strata communities and on the other deny the willing the powers necessary to do the job? Is it because they are volunteers?

Is it because they are untrained? Is it because we can’t trust the people and must save them from themselves? It’s all of this and it is our fault.

We hold our politicians accountable for everything that goes wrong in our lives and as a consequence they pass laws that try to protect us from ourselves. We should be more careful what we wish for. Laws made in the name of the responsible management of common property are so designed for the lowest common denominator that they actually promote irresponsibility.

We learn as parents, care givers and mangers of people in business that people generally behave the way we expect them to. If we expect people to behave badly, they will and if we trust them to do the right thing and guide them to do so with the necessary rewards and punishments, then they will learn to act responsibly and enjoy the freedom that comes from so doing. But in strata management law making, there is no carrot and there is no stick.

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