The Executive Committee A Creature With Limited Powers

As an owners corporation is a creature of statute, it can only do the things that the strata title laws expressly say it can do. It is like the Commonwealth.

The constitution, itself an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom gives the Commonwealth certain powers but it can’t stray outside these heads of power and when it does occasionally try to do so, the states are quick to pull it up and protect their power base. So it is with owners corporations.

If an owners corporation was to sponsor the chairperson’s daughters’ netball team, then it is permissible only if the chairperson can point to that specific legislative power in the strata title laws that allow such donations. Not surprisingly, no such power will exist and for good reason. This is a body that looks after the common property of a development for the diverse owners of that property from time to time, who don’t know each other and quite probably don’t want to know each other. They certainly don’t want their money squandered on the chairperson’s daughters’ netball team no matter how gifted or talented she may be. Owners corporations are custodial beasts, nothing more, nothing less.

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