Learning to Renew

No matter how well kept; ultimately the time comes for all things to be renewed. Well this is euphuism. What really has to happen is that one-day the building we call home will have to be pulled down.

If deciding whether to have pets or not, or to charge interest on outstanding levies, or to put up the levies was challenging for a group of well meaning volunteers wait until someone moves that the joint be demolished. But it will happen. The only thing worse, is that it doesn’t and our skylines are littered with poorly maintained and dated piles that no one wants or knows how to dispose of and some of our best real estate is overlooked for redevelopment.

Renewal of our strata titled cities and towns is the political debate we haven’t had. When is a home a home, when it’s in the sky or only when it is freestanding? There are no votes in land titles and with governments fixated on 30-second grabs for the 6 pm news and re-election in three or four years, the prospect of something sensible from government on this issue is as likely as the unanimous resolution presently required to terminate a strata scheme.

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