Learn to be Inclusive

For some time new developments have been alive to discrimination issues for the disabled with special entrances for accessibility devices but what about the ageing?

As we age in place, as the health authorities would have us do, the properties in which we live need to be adapted to cope with our frailties and not just our disabilities. The cost of this will have to be met by the owners corporation lest it be suggested that it is discriminating against the aged. Buyer beware is no answer to discrimination laws. If a new type of opening device needs to be fixed to the pool gate to allow those suffering from chronic arthritis to enter with ease and dignity, then it is a foolish and unlawfully acting owners corporation that would deny this adaptation. To the extent possible, new strata titled buildings will need to be built for more flexible future adaptation. As buildings become more flexible, of necessity, so too will attitudes of those that live within and manage the shared facilities.

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