Learn To Be Reasonable

If strata titled buildings are small sub sections of our democratic society, ‘subocracies’ we might call them, where the freedom of the individual is compromised by the rules for sharing common property and facilities, then necessarily we must be called upon to act reasonably.

Reason is not something at which strata communities excel. If it were otherwise, then the more developed strata title jurisdictions of Queensland and New South Wales would not be plagued by the community living disputes that have arisen. Perhaps it is a self-fulfilling and deliciously ironic prophecy that more complicated legislation about dispute resolution results in more disputes. In Queensland, where at the moment there are 15 pages of legislation devoted to the holding of secret ballots within strata communities, there seems to be more disputes than ever. Legislation is a lagging – not leading – indicator of community issues. No amount of legislation will cause people to be reasonable. Reasonableness must come from the people and it will when the people are enlightened and there is a moral sense to the laws they must uphold.

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