Learn to Be Transparent

Perhaps no word is so often used to describe a model system of management or government than transparent.

If anything, in business it is a term so often used that it has little impact. People talk of transparency in business and public life as a given but what is transparent about strata management apart, ironically from the right all owners and purchasers have to inspect all the books and records? This no more delivers transparency than a library delivers education. Transparency is not just about access to information; it is about the effective dissemination of information and accountability. Transparency in this sense has been delivered in business and public life by published policies, procedures, declarations and plans. There is none of this in strata life. Beyond a set of by laws or rules, thoughtlessly written as they so often are, and applied erratically and in a reactionary way, nothing about strata is published. There is no statement of purpose, no governance charter, no compliance plan, no policies and no procedures and almost certainly there will be none of this available electronically so the information can be accessed quickly and at a time that is convenient. All of these things, taken for granted today in other settings, will aid better and more harmonious community living.

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