Signs Of Change In Strata

This week Strata Match was launched (

It’s a free-to-strata-owners service that matches bodies corporate and owners corporations with new strata management service providers. It’s enabled by pretty sophisticated back-end software that enables a client’s needs to be profiled and a selected number of participating strata managers to tender for the work. There is nothing new about that concept (iSelect, Youi, Aussie). What’s new is the application of this type of software to strata services.

This week I have also learned about another new free online service that allows owners to log in and compare levies with other buildings with similar characteristics. I will let you know more about this when I have checked it out in more detail but the concept excites me. I expect however, like Strata Match, the concept might terrify some strata managers. In the case of the levy comparison tool, they will be concerned about inaccurate input and misleading output.

These concerns are valid but they underestimate the growing intelligence of the strata consumer market. With more information than ever at their finger tips, the engaged lot owners of this world will continue to learn more and use new technology applications to improve their lot (pun intended). Whenever, and wherever this has happened in the world standards shift.

Whether profitability goes up or down when this happens is purely a matter for the providers. Time will tell for strata managers but the shift is on.

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