Rumours About New Strata Management Broking Service Divide Opinion

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The strata management market is buzzing with rumours of a new service about to be launched – one that brokers deals between owners corporations / bodies corporate looking for a new service provider and a new strata manager willing to offer that service. Could this be our industry’s answer to ‘Aussie Home Loans’? Are strata managers to this new service as banks are to Aussie?

Apparently the concept works this way – strata managers join a stable offering services (numbers are capped), owners go to the broker looking for a new strata manager, broker tenders the work to the panel and submits a shortlist to the owners from which a new provider is selected.

The service is apparently free to the owners and the winning strata manager pays a fee of so much per lot to the broker.

The Peoples Front for Brokers in Strata (you do the acronym) will say the owners win, the strata mangers win and the broker wins (because the fee is no more or less that the strata manager would pay if buying an established business or portfolio).

Strata Managers Against Interference With Contractual Relations will say the name of their association says it all.

The truth is this rumored development might be the lightning rod for an important discussion about the future of strata management.

Brokers thrive when a service becomes a mere commodity. Strata managers offer much more than a commodity. The question will be: ‘Are they able to sell that message to their clients?’

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