Expert Poker

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Like most forms of gambling, in expert poker, the punter seldom wins.

This is how the game is played. A bad thing happens; building defects start to appear, neglected repair and maintenance issues result in a unit leaking, a tree grows too big and is for the chop. Party A gets an experts report. Party B gets one too.  Sooner or later A shows B his, if B shows A hers. And the experts issue supplementary reports commenting on the opponents, and on it goes.

In this game, it’s easy to get caught in the rhythm of the exchange and to lose sight of the underlying problem and the need for it to be fixed. It is also the case in Expert Poker, that the parties will be constrained by the first card dealt. If the first expert’s report is a little off the point, or particularly weak, the game can be played on a totally false premise to the detriment of all.

Some disputes can only be resolved by an expert’s report, but how that expert is chosen, and what they are briefed to report on is not a game of chance. It is an art accompanied by a fair bit of science.

People who are good at resolving disputes know that playing poker is for amateurs. To get the right answer, you have to know the right question.

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