(With respects to Steve Jobs (RIP)

I am Apple devotee so the passing of Steve Jobs this week has resulted in me reading more than my fair share of articles about this talented man’s life.

He had the ability to foresee what people would want if only they could touch and feel the very product that he was creating.

Sometimes those within an industry cannot see the future because of the shackles of their own experiences. This is true of strata. One Brisbane group of residents have worked it out for themselves. I’m referring to “Stradbroke Tower and Villas” which is part of the Dockside development at Kangaroo Point Brisbane.

I don’t act for this group, although I wish I did because a colleague of mine found their residents information booklet online recently and shared it with me. There I found some incredibly interesting information that probably has application to 9/ 10th of the towers I have ever represented and it is presented in an informative and positive way.

The by-laws are summarized and highlight the issues of concerns they seek to address. The reader is told of the problem before they are fed the solution which surely must put the by-law in it’s proper context and encourage compliance for all the right reasons.

The structure of the body corporate management is also succinctly explained. Interestingly, this group of owners incorporated a company and bought the letting and management rights so they could control their own future. They pay dividends from the letting operations and avoid conflicts of interest arising from the lack of continuity from external management rights operators trading in the rights of the building.

Repairs and maintenance is also dealt with sensibly. There are clear instructions of what approvals need to be obtained before work is done on lots and common property and the booklet tells you on how to go about getting that approval. There is a contact list with a telephone list for committee members and a list of preferred suppliers for different aspects of the building from air-conditioning installations to marble cleaning and TV reception. These trades and service personal are known to have done satisfactory work in the building at reasonable prices.

I know nothing of the harmony or otherwise of this building but if I was an owner this is 24 pages of information that I would really find valuable.  If I was Steve Jobs this is 24 pages of information that I would be trying to get to strata owners on a hand held device.

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