Strata Managers Observed

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In last week’s StrataSpace newsletter, we published a story about City Futures ‘Survey of Strata Managing Agents; A Report on the findings of a Survey of Strata Managing Agents in NSW’.

Having read the survey in detail I thought I would offer a brief summary of the key points:

  • 20% of strata a managers’ time is spent on preparation and attendance at AGMs and EGMs (not including budgeting which they estimate as a further 7% of their time);
  • In answer to the question, ‘what type of training would you like to see and why?’ the top response was ‘case law, interpretation of legislation and legislation changes’. Equal second was ‘mediation, negotiating skills and conflict resolution’;
  • The most common way of accessing help in managing stress, is to ask a colleague at their workplace;
  • The most common perceived area of dispute between strata managers and their clients (by a significant margin) was ‘conflicting expectations of the role of the manager and the owners’; and
  • Noise, parking and by-laws are the three most common areas of disputes.

Experience tells us that none of the above should come as any surprise to our readers. From our perspective, it is heartening to see that the key points being raised are those we are covering in our offerings in StrataSpace and our regional seminars and that we are on target with strata community needs.                        


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