Why speed counts in strata

The old adage, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’ holds true in strata, according to a new survey of committee members released last week by City Futures (Survey of Executive Committee Members, City Futures Research Centre November 2010). Significantly, more executive committee members surveyed were full time employees or self-employed (62%) compared with retiree members (23%) correcting a long held perception that committees are ‘full of retirees’.

This finding no doubt accounts for the fact that the survey also shows that 80% of meetings are still held in the evening and go for between 1- 2 hours only. The time poor circumstances of the majority of executive committee members also explains the primary reason for satisfaction with strata managers, and for that matter, dissatisfaction, is responsiveness to enquiries.

The working poor (both in terms of time and money) are tough customers so it’s no wonder strata managers are under pressure everywhere to provide better answers and relevant information quickly and accurately. Congratulations to City Futures for another fascinating insight into our mysterious industry.

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