The Prophecies Of Stratadamus

The Prophecies of Stratadamus -2011
Startadamus is the lesser-known cousin of the French medico, Michel de Nostredame who lived in the 1500’s and predicted the future. Unlike his cousin, until now his predictions of the way people will live in communities in close proximity to each other in 2011 have received little media attention. But in my last blog for 2010, it is my unique privilege to unveil what the Great One predicted for 2011 all those years ago. He said –

  • Michael Teys will release his first book on 1 July 2011. It will be an expose about what’s wrong with strata and how simple it is to make things better, not by the never ending pursuit of perfect laws, but rather by adopting some commonly understood and accepted business principles and standards like governance, compliance and sustainability. He added that if Teys did not make this deadline public, then the book would never get finished, and so this announcement has come to pass.
  • Clover Moore’s private members bill for new strata laws for NSW, while containing some thoughtful initiatives will not be made law. Instead, the one who calls himself O’Farrell will rise to power and the bill will be lost in committee while a new Minister comes up to speed and proposes his or her own new laws much in the same way a cat or dog marks there own territory.
  • In the Nations capital, Canberra, where all new high rise buildings leak and are crack there will be ongoing reviews of building certification practices running parallel with a review of strata management laws. Legislation on the latter will be tabled in parliament before the New Years end but the building standards laws are more complicated and will take longer to materialize.
  • Management rights in Queensland will have a tough year as property prices continue to fall in that part of the world and owners turns their focus to the levies they are paying – on site caretakers will be the biggest item on the budget and owners will be looking for cuts and better value for money. This will coincide with another government review of the industry. The end of this industry has been predicated before by others with less credibility that Stratadamus. The Great One says that an unpopular Queensland government will choke on this reform but the nervousness of the banks and a more informed strata market will see values fall and there will be more contracts with bodies corporate allowed to expire without renewed terms for managers.
  • The oversupplied Gold Coast unit market will see off the plan purchasers’ looking for any excuse not to settle on units they bought at the top of the market and worth much less as they near completion. This happens every time the Gold Coast market overheats but this time there are much more detailed laws on the disclosure required of developers and managers. These laws have not been taken seriously on the Gold Coast and purchasers will be freed as a result.

And in his last prophecy for 2011, Startadamus says Teys Lawyers will deliver a cracker program of strata training comprising three live breakfast seminars peppered with monthly webinars, for Staradamus was able to foresee that the overcrowding of Sydney would be such that people would no longer wish to leave their office so often for training and a thing called the internet would make it possible for first class presentations to be delivered to individuals at home or in the office no matter where in the country they were located.

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