The incidental upside of greening strata

I have attended more than my share of unit owner gatherings over the years. In my experience they are usually pretty angry affairs. I guess I am speaking about the ones in Queensland in particular where traditionally unit owners have gathered en masse to air dirty linen about management rights and strata management.

In Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra too, despite organisers’ best efforts, these events can descend into ‘whinge ‘ sessions. Unit owners when they get together en masse will want to hold everyone else to blame for all the bad things that can happen to owners with very little responsibility taken by the owners themselves.

Well all that went by the wayside on Saturday when 200 or so of the environmental movement faithful, and some who were just a little curious, gathered in Chatswood, Sydney (or The City of Willoughby, to be more accurate). The event was the inaugural Green Strata forum, of which Teys Lawyers were proud supporters.

I met many new folk attending with their fellow owners to learn about new ways of saving money and the planet. There was plenty of new information about savings and technology but what was missing was the usual beatings about the government should do this and the strata managers should do that. Here was a group of people rolling up their sleeves and taking primary responsibility for their micro-community.

The economics are now incontrovertible, sustainable initiatives save unit owners money. There were case studies about water and electricity of $10,000 to $70,000 per building with more expected. With plenty of politicking and negative press about green issues at present, it was refreshing to see real people at the coalface (excuse the pun) taking action and making friends of their neighbours in the process.

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