Strata networking a changing face

There was a time when this meant going to a strata management industry conference and telling lies to your competitors about how many lots you manage and how much you charge per lot. It means something very different today.

Strata networking is about consumers being online in search of good information and recommendations about where to access goods and services. From simple referral/directory type sites maintained by strata managers to forums and blogs and everything in between – it seems everyone in strata is taking to the airways to talk about their needs.

A particular challenge confronts the industry when a strata community begins to seek out a forum for communication internally. This is happening more than you think. Frustrated by an inability to get data about who owns lots in their building or complex – owners are turning to Facebook and Google sites to create pages for themselves.

While not openly discussed, managers have benefited for years from the difficulties associated with owners getting in touch with each other and engaging in a bit of ‘group think’. Those days are fast disappearing and smart managers are starting to think about how they embrace transparency and provide ways and means for people to form community in a new way via ‘strata’ networking sites.

A paradigm shift is on in strata management; from ‘divide and conquer’ thinking to ‘connect and serve’. The new power for strata managers will come from facilitating discussions of a web based community of owners and harnessing the information from this source. The question is ; who will be Mark Zuckerberg ?

Posted by Michael Teys

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