My Position On Strata

We have developed a great tradition here. Once a month, each member of the team must do a five-minute stand up speech on the set topic for that month. Each time we do this there’s humor and good-natured ribbing but it’s taken seriously and it’s always interesting to hear what our guys come up with.

This month’s topic was ‘My Position On Strata’. Appropriate topic really, given that this is all we do and we do it for 8 to 10 hours a day. We have a diverse and talented team but even so the range of matters touched on in the presentations was extraordinary.

Simone structured her presentation around the letters STRATA and lead off with S for ‘Story’- each one of our clients has a story to tell she thought, and its our job to listen to that story and give it a better ending.

Tom looked to the future and saw green issues and social networking having a big impact on the way people run their communities. He sees a role for us to lead the way in these progressive areas.

Our senior building and construction man, Chris spoke about the increasing complexity of legal issues facing clients frustrated with the response of various governments and semi governmental authorities struggling with poor building practices, private certification and unworkable insurance schemes. He thinks that the disciple of administrative law (compelling government to do its job) has a big future for us.

Dan, who works in levy collection, saw scope for nationalized laws to simplify the administration of strata throughout the land and argued that it is a travesty that as a result of recent cases owners can be out of pocket for collecting debts from defaulting co-owners. He can quote parliamentary speeches on the topic.

Jasmine drew on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to make sense of conflict within our strata communities. She related each of the five levels of need – physical, safety, belongingness, esteem and self-actualization – to several of our clients’ disputes.

Wayne gave us his thoughts on the reason he likes the work we do; we are concerned with improving the living conditions of ordinary people. He believes we do this on a micro level by handling client matters well each day and on a macro level by contributing to strata education, law reform and the quest to instill a culture of responsibility in every strata body.

And me? You read about what strata means to me each week. This week it means that I get to work with really smart, engaged people and that means everything.

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